‘Niiyor’ in Assamese means dew-drops. It is pure, clean, untouched water that is a gift from nature that rejuvenates everything that it falls on.

A prior Brand communication and Marketing expert, Aradhana Sarma comes with a mix bag of experience having worked with global brands in Mumbai and Bangalore.

Niiyor is brand that has emerged out of her imagination, love for art and beauty and most of all her entrepreneurial mindset.

Bio data:

  • Prior Work & other experience: LinkedIn:
  • Highest Education: Post Graduate in Advertising & PR from Bombay College of Journalism (2009)
  • Graduation: Bachelor of Arts (Economics), Sophia College, Mumbai (2007)
  • Online Certification from School of Natural Skin Care Formulation, UK

Her Entrepreneurial Journey

Having lead brand strategy for lifestyle and luxury brands in her career she always wanted to utilize her skills, passion and consolidate her experiences in media communication to a create a brand that is core to her personality. I love art and everything beautiful. I am stubbornly ‘DIY’ (Do it yourself) and I love having a sense of play in everything I do. Niiyor is a reflection of how I see the world.
We all have an artist inside us. Niiyor is about honoring the creative abilities that lie inside every young women and men who constitute Niiyor team of artisans. We just have to take notice and allow the creativity to flow-like stream. ‘Soap art’ which is our signature brand USP comes from continuous practice and experimentation. Most of our artisans are young girls with almost no education, from the tea estates of Assam. They have never been exposed to anything so starkly artistic and surreal. Explaining her brand vision to them and to create a sense of possibility of them being artists was the most difficult challenge in my entire journey so far. But as I created, I made the process of soap making fun and engaging for them. Now the workers enjoy making soap, preparing the ingredients and bringing their own imagination to create our soap art.
Besides making hand-crafted soaps in various exotic recipes, fragrances and ingredients we are also creating a range of bathing and lifestyle accessories. Our bamboo artisans specially are now able to bring in new ideas while nurturing their traditional methods of weaving and craftsmanship claims Aradhana.
Based in Jorhat, Assam, the team is also focused on bringing new skills to encourage village artisans, especially young women, to honor their own art forms such as bamboo weaving, cane-craft, carpentry, pottery, stitching, etc. to create natural bath & lifestyle accessories.

Manufacturing Products at Niiyor

At Niiyor we are making hand-crafted soaps with saponified Aloe Vera, Goat’s Milk, Activated Charcoal, Papaya & Cucumber and other natural ingredients. We are also improvising our product range by using natural Loofah scrubs, various natural clays, dried flowers, herbs and natural clays such as French Clay and Fuller Earth (also known as Multani Mitti), as additives in each soap recipe.

Different types of soaps available at Niiyor.

  1. Activated Charcoal hand-crafted soaps
  2. Goat’s Milk hand-crafted soaps
  3. Papaya & Cucumber hand-crafted soaps
  4. Aloe Vera hand-crafted soap bars


Besides soaps we are also launching our range of body scrubs, body butters, moisturizers, shower gels, shampoo bars etc. As we want to create a one-stop-shop for all customized gifts, we are also going to extend our product offerings to scented candles, hand-crafted bath accessories, customized wedding favors and other products.

Currently Niiyor products are available at 3 locations in Guwahati – G.S. Road, Rajdhani Masjid and Hatigarh Chariali. Clients within Jorhat & PAN India can place their orders directly with Niiyor at +91-8884118586. At Niiyor we also take custom orders for curated gift boxes, wedding favors and corporate gifts.



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