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InspiringWomen.in web portal provides the right tools that help in the start-up and expansion of businesses, run by women entrepreneurs. We aim to create the required platform for idea exchange, business advertising, entrepreneurship awareness, development, marketing and digital support which can help in the professional growth of the businesses.

Our passion for entrepreneurship and its resounding global resonance is only matched by the zeal to bring business women onto a single platform for a free-flowing exchange of ideas and visions. We are planning to work all over Assam and North East India to bring the best and the brightest entrepreneurs into the limelight they deserve. We continually come across amazing women who are living their passion and have found fulfillment.

Each of them has a transformational story. An event or series of learning events has led them to discover their power, purpose and passion. We tell these successful stories showcasing their talents, strengths and service or business portfolios.


Provide a forum for women entrepreneurs to grow professionally through networking and business opportunities.

Improve the visibility of women run enterprises through innovative techniques of online marketing.

Encourage women to share resources, best practices and experiences to inspire more successes.

Create peer support for women entrepreneurs in varied businesses.