Non-woven printed bags is a fabric-like material made from staple fibre and long fibres,bonded together by chemical, mechanical, heat or solvent treatment. In addition, some non-woven fabrics can be recycled after use, given the proper treatment and facilities. For this reason, some consider non-woven a more ecological fabric for certain applications, especially in fields and industries where disposable or single use products are important, such as hospitals, schools, nursing homes and luxury accommodations.

This is a type of bag is been manufactured by D-Buzz. Commercial Non Woven Printed Bags are easily available and washable. These bags are made up of world-class quality non woven fabric. All our bags are widely praised by the customers due to having features like excellent tear resistance strength, splendid finishing and ability to load heavy weight. Moreover, D-Buzz offer these bags to the customers in a plethora of colours, designs, patterns, prints and sizes as per their demands.

How & Why Non-Wovens Bags

Non-Woven bags is a new entrant in the segment of carry bags dominated by polythene & plastic bags. But due to the harmful effects of the plastic bags on the environment , governments world over are propagating the use of non woven bags as a viable alternative, as even though the core content of both plastic bags and non woven bags are the same but as non woven bags are made by bonding small fibres together and prolonged exposure to sunlight and water unbinds these fibres resulting in disintegration of the bonded fabric/bag, thus when the bags when thrown at the landfills or even randomly, in very short period of time it turns into dust, thus reducing the environmental impact greatly. These bags can be re-cycled easily and at a very cost effective manner as well.

Keeping the idea of converting and educating the healthcare, retail & hospitality segment about the viability of non-woven reusable bags as a means of handing out of reports to their clients instead of using a plastic bag. Initially the owners had a hard time convincing the clients but gradually they have managed to successfully convert many big establishment and today have a strong customer base for non woven bags.

The Entrepreneurial Journey

The unit was set up in Jan 2016 and it has been over 3 years of operations so far. We have set-up the unit under PMEGP through SBI. Though initially the owners faced a lot of problem as setting up of a new unit, required paperwork involved and perception of people with regards to women entrepreneur being fit only to run boutique or beauty parlour.

Keeping the perseverance and persistence, we not only managed to secure the loan and start our business but today we supply printed non-woven bags to almost all the major hospitals, diagnostic centres, boutiques etc of the city. Few of our prestigious clients include – NEMCARE HOSPITAL, GNRC, GMC CANCER HOSPITAL,  AGILE HOSPITAL, DISPUR HOSPITAL, PRIMUS, ST. JOHN HOSPITAL, SWAGAT HOSPITAL, ULTRACARE DIAGNOSTIC CENTRE, PAGE 3, SANJUKTA’S, EMILY’S WORKSHOP, PALLAVI HANDLOOM, PRAGJYOTIKA, ASOM HANDLOOM, MAYFLOWER HOTEL, IORA RESORTS, SHOLIN HOTEL, GRAND BHABENDRALAYA ETC adds Gitanjali

Our’s is a partnership venture and we partners are sisters , at present we employ 5 other people at our establishment and have a turnover of about 22 lakhs.

We sisters wanted to start our own venture as a means to be financially independent  and at the same time both of us being very passionate about the environment wanted to venture into a field which makes a difference in our immediate environment. On researching we found that even though world over non woven bags have become a viable alternative to plastic and closer home, places like Delhi has switched to non-wovens wherever possible,  even a few districts of Assam like Nalbari, Tezpur etc has been trying to convert to non-woven.

Kamrup district has been laggards in this regard due to administrative apathy and poor knowledge/misinformations about these bags. Thus we decided that in our small way lets educate the people and convert them to use these bags instead of plastic which is one of the main reasons of water logging of our beautiful city as it clogs the drains and smooth flow of water becomes impossible claims Gitanjali.



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