Kamdhenu Industries

Kamdhenu Industries, established in the year 2003, is one of the most prominent Manufacturers and Suppliers of comprehensive range of Squashes, Pickles, Chutney, Sauces,Medicinal Items and Vinegar with a vision to deliver authentic localized processed food to your homes, keeping in mind the diverse culinary palate of North East India.

I established the firm in 2003, just as it was planning to expand into the fruit processing segment. With my exceptional hands-on approach and in-depth knowledge and understanding of the technical and commercial aspects of fruit processing,I spearheads the food processing business of Kamdhenu Industries and has developed a strong client base for its food processing business in both Guwahati and other major towns of the region,adds Malamoni Hazarika proprietor of Kamdhenu Industries.

Born and brought up in Basisthachal Ganesh Nagar Basistha Guwahati, She had a Dream is to spread and popularize the food products of Kamdhenu Industries and to establish the products in National markets.

She had a vision to create awareness in this sector and to inspire the ladies towards the women empowerment and self reliant and has been frequently offering training programs, camps etc. in various parts in the state and outside the State.

Entrepreneurial Journey

Started my journey since 1993. When I was in 9th Standard used to save from my school expenses and with that money started mushroom cultivation. Realized that mushroom was not my cup of tea, to fulfill my dreams as it was a seasonal cultivation. To meet my daily income, I thought for an alternative project. After my graduation from Dispur College in 1997, purchased a package of 5 kg of mangoes from my personal savings and started business of pickles on experimental basis. It simply clicked. It was admired and accepted by local consumers. Realized that I should have a food processing industry to continue my zeal and obtained required education, training and mastery over food preservation system.

In 2002 got the license from MOFPI to start my Production Pickles, Squashes and Vinegars.In 2003 the firm was registered with District Industries & Commerce Centre-Kamrup as Small Scale Industry for starting the commercial production.

For Quality Control and nutritional value,The processing of fruits and vegetables involves several steps or unit operations which start with the procurement of the raw material. Following preparative treatments such as cleaning, peeling, blanching and mixing; the product is processed and packaged to give the required finished product. There are various steps being followed i.e –Raw material Purchase, inspection, Ingredient formulation and batch preparation,processing,Pickling and Storage. We have always taking care for the nutrional Values of the products adds Malamoni.

Products under Kamdhenu Industries

1. Mango Pickle – 200 gram
2. Mixed Pickle – 200 gram
3. Bamboo shoot Plain – 200 gram
4. Bamboo shoot in Oil – 200 gram
5. Bamboo shoot Pickle – 200 gram
6. Bamboo Shoot with Bhut jolokia – 200 gram
7. Olive Pickle- 200 gram
8. Sweet olive Pickle – 200 gram
9. Elephant apple Pickle – 200 gram
10. Sweet elephant apple Pickle-200 gram
11. Emlee sweet Pickle-200 gram
12. Bhut chilly Pickle-200 gram
13. Bhut chilly paste- 200 gram
14. Jujube sweet Pickle – 200 gram
15. Brinjal sweet Pickle – 200 gram
16. Banana Flower Pickle – 200 gram
17. Chilly Pickle – 200 gram
18. Red chilly Pickle- 200 gram
19. Birds Eye chilly Pickle – 200 gram
20. Jackfruit Pickle – 200 gram
21. Kiwi Pickle – 200 Gram
22. Kiwi Sweet Pickle- 200 gram
23. Coconut Pickle – 200 gram
24. Lemon in salt – 200 gram
25. Lemon Pickle – 200 gram

1. Bael Squash- 700 ml
2. Mango Squash- 700 ml
3. Green Mango Squash
4. Spicy Mango Squash
5. Orange Squash-700 ml
6. Pineapple Squash- 700 ml
7. Carmbola Squash- 700 ml
8. Lemon Squash-700 ml
9. Jackfruit Squash- 700 ml
10. Litchi Squash- 700 ml
11. Kiwi Squash – 700 ml
12. Amla appetizer- 700 ml
13. Jamun Juice-500 ml
14. Athia Bana Juice- 500ml
15. Elephant Apple Juice-500ml
16. Amla Juice- 500ml


1. Jamun Powder- 250 gram
2. Meethi Powder- 250 gram
3. Elephant Apple Powder- 250 gram


1. Guava Jelly- 250 gram
2. Pineapple Jam- 250 gram
3. Kiwi with coconut Jam-250 gram


1. Virgin Coconut Oil-135 ml
2. Vinegar – 300 ml
3. Kolakhar- 500 ml

Supply Chain & Distribution System

Kamdhenu Industries are pioneers in HOME Scale based products and we are catering mainly supermarket segments of Guwahati and other Towns areas through our own distribution network.
Through participation in Exhibitions, Trade Fairs at different place of the country also we are distributing our products throughout the country and north eastern cities/towns.

Awards and Exhibitions

    1. 1) National Award 2008-As an Outstanding Entrepreneurship -by MSME, Govt Of India
    1. 2) National Award-2012- BEST Coconut processing Unit managed by Women-by Coconut Development Board
    1. 3) Vasundhara NE Women Entrepreneur of the year-2015-16 by Sreemanta Sankar Mission Guwahati
    1. 4) Took active Participations in AGRI- HORTI SHOW-2002 to 2009 in Regional and National Level
    1. 5) Exhibitions in NORTH EAST TRADE EXPO in New Delhi 2004
    1. 6) Exhibitions in INTERNATIONAL TRADE FAIR in Cairo Egypt 2009
    1. 7) Exhibitions in Destination North East in Varanashi 2019



Unit Address:

MOBILE NO-9864046740