Dr.Pooja Jaiswal, is a nutritionist. The name of her venture is NURTURE. She has an experience of more than 3 years in Nutrition. She is a Gymaholic, health freak, determined, disciplined professional who walks the talk. Her Comprehensive approach & in-depth personalized assessment and testing make her a very unique nutritionist. She is a great listener & easy to talk to. She understands the way you work, your relationship with food, your lifestyle & make changes for you that are easy to follow. She provides a diet that is holistic, home based, local, one that suits your taste buds & your schedule. The diets are scientific based, realistic & sustainable.She encourages you to be active and also plan an exercise schedule for you.
She has a vision and strong belief to create health awareness amongst people.To educate them about healthy eating habits.Every child adapts healthy eating habits right from the start so that they build a strong foundation and are well versed with correct lifestyle habits.Don’t run for Size Zero, but for Zero Disease adds Dr.Pooja

Professional Qualification & Services


Lifestyle & Fitness Consultant
Sports Nutritionist

    •  Education 
  • *M.B.B.S. (Maharashtra University of Health Sciences)* Fellowship in Diabetes (Medvarsity, Apollo)* Diploma in Clinical Nutrition (Medvarsity, Apollo)* Post Graduate Diploma in Applied Nutrition & Dietetics (Symbiosis)* Sports Nutrition (I.S.S.A., USA)* Fitness & Lifestyle Consultant (I.S.S.A., USA)
  • Trainings
  • Practiced as a General practitioner for few years in Nagpur & Guwahati Hospitals
  • Training for Diabetes in Apollo Hospital, Kolkata.
  • Internship for Nutrition in Kolkata


* Weight Management

* Clinical Nutrition

  • Diabetes
  1. Blood Pressure Disorders
  2. Thyroid Disorders

D)   Gastrointestinal Disorders

  1. E) Allergy & Immune Disorders
  2. F) PCOD
  3. G) Kidney & Liver Diseases
  4. H) Psychological disorders
  5. I) Cancer Patients

* Sports Nutrition

* Pregnancy & Lactation Nutrition

* Child Nutrition

* Geriatric Nutrition

* Family Nutrition

Participations and Accolades

  • Talk on child nutrition in Royal Global School
  • Talk on Women’s Health & Nutrition in Navjagriti Club
  • Talk On Emerging Diets to Students in VLCC
  • Talk on News Insight in NE NEWS on The regulations made by the Food Safety And Standards Authority Of India on fast food.



Nurture by Dr.Pooja Jaiswal

“Sai Sharnam” House No. 29A,

Beel Par, Chabipool,

Guwahati 781008


Phone No-9854037444