Creativity is that form of art through which we can express our thoughts in any possible way we wish. TEcreativeERA is one such medium of expressing ourselves in the most cheerful way. This is a platform where we come together, share ideas, work things out and create wonders.
The concept of the TEcreativeERA sprouted in the mind of a 17-year-old Toufika Tasneem Rahman who is now the founder of this much-esteemed organization.
She took this step to feed her quest for creativity and to set an example In front of the generations to come that art and craft have so much more to give to this society.
Although she started it alone from the month of April 2019, she was soon accompanied by a trusted friend, Enamul Barbhuyan who is in fact very hardworking and creative. In this way, she and her bunch of teammates are even generating employment for today’s youth and making their way through glory. The team comprises of architects, interior designers and planners and are defined by the commitment to excellence and our passion to bring to life visions that meld expertise with art and creativity.

Services under TEcreativeERA

  • We negotiate themes with customers.
  • We consider their views and opinions, their wishes and organize events in a crafty manner.
  • We do birthday parties, reunion parties, engagement ceremonies, weddings and other such events.
  • We make customised and corporate gifts.
  • We do room Decorations.
  • We are also into event consultancy including floral decor, seating arrangements, lighting, pandals and flower decorations.
  • We do Space Management & Planning and Interior Designs.

Our Success Stories

  • Organising Horshita’s surprise Birthday.
  • Decorating Sayeeka’s Engagement party at Hotel Grand Majesty.
  • Jobhut ASDM’s Freshers/Farewell decorations.
  • Ms Grooming Studio’s opening ceremony decoration.
  • And a part of decorations for Prag Cine Awards 2019.



Toufika Rahman
Event planning and Decorations
H/no. 44, Mother Teresa Path
Hatigaon, Guwahati
Ph. +918638576380/ +916901618259
Email – toufikatrahman@gmail.com